Vertiglast – Real Estate Landing Page


Why Vertiglast?
Vertiglast is designed to showcase your real estate assets and drive custommers to your business. Built for efficinecy and smoothness on the Bootstrap 4 framework.
Important Notice
Please keep in mind this item is a HTML template not a WordPress Theme.
AtypicalThemes reserves its right to decline refunds for purchases made by mistake or under the belief that this item is a wordpress theme.

All images used are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the template

Bootstrap Landing Page

magazine wordpress theme

Zeen | Next Generation Magazine WordPress Theme

Zeen Magazine WordPress Theme for 2019
Zeen is a next generation magazine WordPress theme. You’ve literally never seen or used a magazine that looks or works like this before. Zeen can quickly be mastered by users of any skill level. Power your creative ideas and create a beautiful, silky-smooth and highly unique magazine, blog, newspaper, reviews site or even full blown WooCommerce shop.

Everything in Zeen was completely built from the ground up. This approach allowed the theme to embrace the very latest cutting-edge technologies around, undergo deep design explorations and re-think the established way of doing things. This has resulted in Zeen having incredible performance and is very likely the fastest theme of its kind ever made. Some Zeen demos score a perfect 100/100 score on GTMetrix (links to reports are further down) and the rest are all mid to high 90s. The theme is impressively flexible, intuitive and customisable. Best of all, you can create almost any magazine layout you can imagine without touching a single line of code. Users can become pro users in no time and it is so moldable that even savvy visitors will not be able to tell what theme is being used by simply looking at the site any more.

Zeen was designed by an experienced designer, coded by an experienced coder, optimised by an experienced SEO specialist and all to create an unbeatable product that can help you take your site to a whole new level. Codetipi also provides friendly and helpful customer support. No wonder Codetipi is the #1 rated Power Elite author on Themeforest.

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme Skybootstrap

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme

Zeen for Magazines, Blogs, Newspapers or Review sites
Zeen’s groundbreaking design, flexibility and small learning curve make it perfect for sites of any size, from the biggest to the smallest. Zeen is the ideal WordPress theme for any magazine, blog, newspaper, personal diary, photo-stories, affiliate sites and even full-blown WooCommerce shops. 🙂

The Zeen demos can all be imported with one click and provides inspiration on how the theme could potentially be used on a site of any niche, including technology, food, videogames, minimal, personal, lifestyle and fashion. Features from the demos can all be mixed and matched too.
Tipi Builder (World Exclusive)
The next generation Tipi Builder app (included free) allows you to turn all your creative ideas into real beautiful layouts that can then be used on your homepage, category pages, tag pages and even custom taxonomies pages. The Tipi Builder is truly an industry game-changer that will improve your workflow and increase the enjoyment you get from maintaining your site. A lot of site owners generally avoid making changes to their sites (particularly the homepage) out of fear of breaking something or simply because their current method is done through an overly complex builder with clunky user experience. Tipi Builder changes all of this. Starting with a beautiful modern interface that is easy, powerful and pleasure to use. It is 100% frontend and allows users of any level to become pros after one full session. The Tipi Builder opens up new possibilities to calmly experiment with layouts/options as you only need to publish when you are 100% happy and ready. Watch the Tipi Builder In-depth first look video to see it in action. Here are a just a few highlights:

Possibly the smallest learning curve of any WordPress builder ever made. If you watch the entire intro video here you’ll have all the knowledge you need to use the builder like a pro.
Everything is included and unlocked. No “locked upgrades” that require a subscription or extra payments to unlock more features.
Blocks can be set to show posts/pages/products and even custom post types, which if you have any, will automatically appear as an option.
Blocks look great instantly without having to customise anything or write custom css code.
Huge amount of blocks out-of-the-box, including ones for grids, sliders, video players, call to action, buttons, Instagram, Twitch livestream, Author, blockquotes, etc. User requests and suggestions will shape the type of blocks added in the future updates.
Import/Export layouts to quickly re-use your designs, create backups or share with other users.
Global No Duplicates option
Each block can be set to load/not load on mobile and load/not load on desktops, allowing you to create completely different desktop/mobile layouts if you wish
A truly pro premium builder included that anyone can learn to use
Use the Tipi Builder for your homepage/pages/category/tag/custom taxonomy pages too
Can be used on a site that uses Gutenberg with no problems
The best builder ever made for magazines, newspapers, blogs and affiliate review sites. But can be used for shops and so much more.

Monetisation Opportunities
Here are some options in Zeen to help you improve the monetisation of your sites.

Patreon icons and links
Sponsored Posts
Ads can be placed practically anywhere. Including automatic insertion before/middle/end of post content.
Site Background Ad
Add stylish affiliate in your review
Slide In Promo Box
WooCommerce Quickview functionality
Add stylish affiliate in your info boxes
Advanced Newsletter Subscription integration
Newsletter Subscription appears when user tries to leave site
Advanced Shop functionality, integration and design
Beautiful Call To Action Blocks in the Tipi Builder
Beautiful Button Blocks in the Tipi Builder

Trending Functionality
Codetipi pioneered the ability to show your trending articles beautifully. Zeen takes it to a next level, with stunning trending megamenus and the ability to make any block in the Tipi Builder show your trending articles (globally or from specific category/tag).
Codetipi pioneered the ability to have completely different articles layouts in the WordPress theme world. Zeen takes it all to new heights, allowing you to create stunning articles every time, in the exact way you want. From minimal text articles to highly-visual photo stories, you can make each article feel the way it was always meant to feel like. No other theme on the market has the flexibility, options and design to create such stunning and special articles so easily.

Here are just a handful of examples:

Sponsored Post With Sticky Side Info
Recipe Post
Paginated Slider Post
Modern Review #2
Vertical Image Style #3
Stunning Full-screen Gallery
Wide YouTube And Image Embeds
Vertical Image Style #2
Video Post Opens in Lightbox
Special Video Post
Related Posts Under Header
Live Blog
Stylish Product
Parallax Featured Image and Review
Modern Review #1
… And so many more, click here to explore more

Pages can also use Zeen’s advanced featured image style and layout system to make even the most boring of text pages more attractive and engaging.
Fully Responsive and Retina Ready
Visitors expect a great mobile experience and Zeen delivers a silky smooth, clean and modern experience that will leave your visitors impressed. Zeen’s mobile design and features were meticulously designed to look and feel amazing no matter the size or type of the screen. Have a look for yourself, simply open on your phone to open different demos.
Sponsored Posts
Zeen comes with an exclusive Sponsored Posts system to add another layer to your site’s monetisation possibilities. You can set the sponsor name, logo and link. Here are some examples from the demos:

Sponsored Post With Sticky Side Info
Sponsored Post Big Featured Image

Reading Mode (Daytime and nighttime modes)
Visitors love reading in the dark and many wish they could make the background dark with light text for better readibility. Enter Zeen’s super lightweight Reading Mode feature. With one on/off option you can add a button to the sticky menu that appears when reading an article. This button allows your visitors to change the mode of your article to either be daytime mode (dark text on light background) or nighttime mode (light text on dark background) whenever they want. Your visitors will love your site that bit more.

Infinite loading and scrolling
Using the very latest technologies, Zeen comes with some of the fastest Ajax loading performance ever seen in a theme. Some possibilities include:

Infinite Post Scroll Loading. When a user reaches the end of a post, instantly load the next one below. You won’t believe how fast it is – Must see: Click here to open Zeen Comics Demo to see it in action
Infinite Scroll on homepage/tags/categories
Load More Button on any block on the homepage/tags/categories to load more posts to the page without refreshing
Load More Button that turns into Infinite Scroll after first click
Previous/Next Button on any block on the homepage/tags/categories/megamenus/related posts to navigate through posts inside the block

Review Functionality (World Exclusive)
Zeen comes bundled with the incredible Let’s Review plugin ($26 value). You can see the full presentation showing all the features for Let’s Review by clicking here.

Some Let’s Review feature highlights:

Choose from several unique high-quality designs for each review
Monetise your reviews with stylish integrated affiliate buttons that convert well and don’t look spammy
Allow visitors to leave their own complete review via comments
Inbuilt rich snippets to show review data in Google/Bing/etc search results
Add unlimited amount of pros/cons/affiliate buttons to each review
Set default options for new reviews, including the criterias/design/format/animation/accent color/location/etc.

Zeen is a modern newspaper and reviews theme for 2019 and beyond. It is the ultimate WordPress theme. Get on-board and happy reviewing!
Zeen Mastermind Group
Any Zeen user with a valid license can apply to join the private Zeen Mastermind Community Group. It is a friendly place to discuss, learn, share tips, tricks & Tipi Builder layout files and everything related to Zeen theme. Contact Codetipi to be part of it and join today 🙂
Customer Support
Codetipi is the number #1 rated Power Elite Author on all of Themeforest. Friendly and amazing customer support that actually leads to real solutions is one big reason. To get help simply open a ticket here.
Gutenberg Ready
Gutenberg is due to be released officially with WordPress 5.0, Zeen embraces Gutenberg and works perfectly with it. Zeen also adds styling to the default Gutenberg blocks to make them nicer.
Sliding Promo Boxes
Zeen comes with a unique sliding promo box system to help you promote anything you’d like to highlight, such as newsletters, banners, messages or announcements.

See examples of it being used for newsletter subscriptions here:

Zeen Comics Book WordPress Theme
Zeen Food Blog WordPress Theme
Timed Popups
Zeen comes with a unique timed popups to show content after X seconds from the site loading, highly useful for magazines, newspapers or blogs looking to increase their Facebook page likes or similar.

See example here:

Zeen Minimal Fashion WordPress Theme
Top Bar Message
Zeen comes with a unique sliding top bar feature to share announcement, offers or random relevant links, such as a Shop coupons, Patreon links, Facebook Page links, etc.

See examples here:

Zeen Minimal Videogames WordPress Theme
Zeen WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Watch video that shows how the Top Bar is set up: Zeen Theme Options Video (To only watch Top Bar, skip to 8:10)
WooCommerce Compatibility
Zeen is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and comes with beautiful styling in-built to make your shop sparkle. Zeen also adds powerful extra functionality to it, including lightning-fast Quickview functionality and ajax carts.

See examples here:

Zeen Magazine With WooCommerce WordPress Theme
Zeen WooCommerce WordPress Theme

AMP Compatibility
Zeen is 100% compatible with AMP and comes with unique functionality to extend the design and improve the feel of your AMP pages.
bbPress Compatibility
Zeen is 100% compatible with bbPress and comes with beautiful styling in-built to breathe life into your forums.

See example here:

Zeen Technology WordPress Theme

BuddyPress Compatibility
Zeen is 100% compatible with BuddyPress and supports all modern BuddyPress features. Including, profile cover functionality. Zeen Magazine WordPress Theme comes with beautiful styling in-built for your BuddyPress to breathe new life into your community.
Zeen Child-Theme
When you first install Zeen, you will be presented by a first-time set up wizard. The first step in the wizard allows you to install a fully-functional Zeen Child-theme. Even if you don’t plan on adding customisations or don’t know what a child-theme really does, it is highly recommended to always use a child-theme, and the wizard makes it easier than ever to install. You can watch a narrated Zeen installation tutorial video here.
Browser Compatibility
Zeen is supports all major modern browsers and embraces the latest browser technologies to perform at the highest possible level, with silky smooth animations, interactions and speed.
Zeen was coded by an SEO specialist with vast experience, meaning everything is set as it should be Zeen, with valid HTML5 markup and best practices. It passes the official W3 Validation Tool test with zero errors.

Search Engines such as Google, use the loading speed of a site as a metric for their rankings. Zeen’s approach and performance is practically unbeatable with some demos scoring a perfect 100/100, meaning Zeen increases the chances search engines will rank your site higher.
One Click Demo Imports
Zeen has a modern set up wizard that allows you to import the content/widgets/theme options (each part is optional) of every single Zeen demo with one click. Watch the installation video to see it in action. You can mix and match any of the elements seen across any of the demos, as they are all built using the theme’s features.
Zeen is an extremely powerful WordPress theme and has a huge amount of features. It is coded extremely cleanly and smartly, meaning it has amazing performance, and thanks to this, you will likely be able to reduce the number of plugins you have installed.

Plugins are not inherently bad, but the coding quality of free plugins varies and bad code can badly affect performance so it’s recommended that if Zeen has a particular feature, use that instead of plugins.

All of Zeen demos score very highly in website speed tests, in fact, multiple of the demos actually score a perfect 100/100 score – you can see Zeen speed reports here.
Zeen does not store any personal data, but does come with options to help with the process of complying with GDPR. Examples include that you can add a required checkbox to the registration modal. You can enter the text and the url of the text that appears next to the checkbox giving you complete control. If you find there is another location/element that could do with extra options, please open a ticket in support with the information.
Cookies are extremely useful for websites. They allow users to stay logged in without having to sign in every time, stop certain functionality from appearing if they already closed it (such as subscription prompts), etc. Zeen’s certain features use cookies. They do not contain any private data. Here is a list of all possible Zeen cookies:

Post Heart Like Count

If you enable the like functionality and a user clicks on the heart, the counter value for that post will increase by one. To stop users from voting multiple times, a cookie is used with the post ID, so the theme knows not to show the like functionality to that user for that post again.

Mail Subscriptions

In Zeen > Theme Options > Mail Subscriptions – f you enable the ‘Trigger When Leaving Site’ option. You will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when user tries to leave the site, the newsletter popup will appear. If the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that popup in that way again.

Timed Popup

In Zeen > Theme Options > Timed Popup – if you enable the ‘Timed Popup’ option. You will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when the popup appears and the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that popup in that way again.

Sliding Promo Boxes

In Zeen > Theme Options > Sliding Promo Box – if you enable the Sliding Promo Boxes you will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when the sliding promo box appears and the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that box again.

Top Bar Message

In Zeen > Theme Options > Top Bar Message – if you enable the ‘Top Bar Message’ option. You will see a new option appear called ‘Disable After User Closure’, if this option is also enabled then when the top bar message appears and the user closes it, a cookie will be set with a true value to know to not show that user that top bar message again.
Other General Features
Zeen has so many powerful options and clever features, you really need to click around inside the demos to explore them all. Here is small list of random general features:

Lightning fast Live Search Ajax in two styles: Full-screen modal or dropdown
Login Screen Logo And Dark Skin Design
Tipi Font with multiple custom exclusive icons (Included Free)
Tipi Builder Blocks to showcase any image shape: Landscape, portrait or square images.
Built-in Middle Of Content “See also” block
Automatic Retina Images
Modern Schema Integration
Main menu can have a logo in multiple designs, including an option to make it hang off of the main menu for a stylish effect.
You can set any site width you like
Blank page template included (no Header or footer loaded) for advanced users who want to build something on a blank canvas
Modern, easy and powerful fully-frontend theme options that lets you visualise every change you make before having to publish the changes
Theme options changes can be saved as drafts or scheduled to publish at X date
Highly responsive design. Looks great on every screen size and type
Extra clean, ultra modern and unrivalled dynamic design
Optional separate logo to appear in main navigation bar
Integrated breadcrumb with rich snippet data
Option to turn on/off hover zoom effects on sliders/grids
Option to turn off By Line completely, or just disable specific parts of the By Line (Author, Date, Category, Comments)
Background Ads (clickable site background on the sides/above) system to increase monetisation possibilities
Completely Retina Ready (HD theme)
Zeen is WPML compatible and translation ready. Comes with .mo/.po files to easily translate into any language. Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian (Bokmål), Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and French are already translated & included.
RTL ready. If your site uses an RTL language, the theme will automatically adapt to be RTL
Boxed Or Full-Width options for every major block
Unique mega menu system with multiple options to make each menu different
Login With Ajax integration and gorgeous styling
World-exclusive Tipi Builder bundled in
Built-in Gutenberg styling
To Top button option designs
Post Like (Heart) system to show which posts your visitors love the most. Optional.
Set up to 3 fonts and specify which one the different site elements use (Limit of 3 different fonts is set for performance reasons, as more than that can make your site really slow)
Access to the all Google fonts
Access to the Typekit fonts
Can also use custom/self-hosted fonts
Option to turn off About The Author box in theme options and override option in individual posts
Integrated related posts with multiple design options
All demos are included with every purchase so you can easily import them to play around.
Integrated lightweight tooltip with multiple options
Integrated stylish lightbox
Paginated posts and pages
SEO-Ready. Theme coded by SEO specialist, meaning everything is set as it should be.
Zero errors on the official W3 Validation Tool
Supreme performance, multiple Zeen demos score a perfect 100/100 score.
Custom Sidebars for your categories, tags, custom taxonomies, posts, pages or homepage.
Schema Review Rich Snippet Microdata
Schema Author Rich Snippet Microdata
Detailed documentation that will continually get updated as users ask different things.

Plugin Compatibility
Zeen was strictly coded following WordPress’ coding standards and best practices to ensure extremely high compatibility rates with almost any plugin. In other words, if a plugin works on TwentySeventeen theme (WordPress default theme), then you can be 99.9% certain it will work the same in Zeen. If you find a plugin incompatible with Zeen for whatever reason, simply contact Codetipi with the details and if it is a theme issue, it will 100% be fixed.

Here is a very small list of some plugins that the theme has been tested with:

Co-Authors Plus
SEO by Yoast
Duplicate Posts
Wp Use Avatar
Simple Local Avatars
Force Regenerate Thumbnails
Login With Ajax
WordPress Social Login
Facebook Comments
Instant articles
MailChimp For WP
Contact Form 7
Let’s Review
Let’s Info Up
Let’s Live Blog
… And 99% of other plugins

Right To Left (RTL)
The theme is RTL-ready, meaning that if your site is set to use a Right To Left language, the theme will automatically work in RTL, you don’t need to do anything.
Follow Codetipi
Don’t miss out on any Codetipi news, updates or announcements. Follow Codetipi:

Codetipi Official Site
Codetipi on Facebook
Codetipi on Twitter
Codetipi on Dribbble

Suggestions for future updates? Help shape Zeen’s future.
Zeen was built for you. Every single customer suggestion/request will be considered and many will be implemented. Zeen is going to keep adding new amazing goodies and your suggestions will shape the direction. So make sure to join the Zeen mastermind community group (Free to join with a valid license) and get involved. Zeen is here for the long term.
Best WordPress Magazine Theme
Zeen is the best Magazine WordPress Theme in 2019. Don’t miss out, upgrade to the best today:

Images Used In Demo

Big thanks to the lovely Scatter Jar people for sharing such beautiful free food photographs, keep it up guys!

However, all the images used on the demo sites are only for demonstration purposes only. All images are licensed and have permission of usage. None of the images are included with the theme nor are they available to import with the one-click import.

DownloadLive Preview

Cryptco – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Cryptco is a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme​. It’s perfect for cryptocurrency blog, bitcoin blog, cryptocoach, cryptocurrency, crypto coach, blockchain specialist, initial coin offering (ICO), financial advisor, mining equipment sellers, cryptocurrencies, miners, bitcoins, ethereum, electroneum, single cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, mining rig, mining farms, ICO advisor, ICO Agency, cryptocurrency trading market.

Cryptco – Crypto Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme is build with Siteorigin page builder (which we think is better than others page builders) with functions like drag and drop addons, Redux Framework for Theme Options, bbPress ready, Fully Responsive Layout, based: on _s, bootstrap, bones.


Cryptco – Crypto Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency is made for users who loves Cryptocurrency.

What you will find in Cryptco 1.2 version that will be uploaded in max 5 days?

WooCommerce ready and new shop pages
New Home pages
New Service pages

Demo Import
In our pack (zip downloaded from your account) you can find XML Import file and you can import all using WordPress Import tool plugin, also you can find all pages that you can import in page builder, Slider import and many more !


SiteOrigin Builder
Premium Quality Theme
bbPress ready
Fully Responsive Layout-Desktop, Tablet, Phone etc.
Portfolio Filter
Parallax Background
Based on _s
Based on bootstrap 3
Based on bones
2 navigation menus (header-footer).
Menu transparent and menu color background.
A powerful theme option panel based on Redux framework with theme of options.
Custom CSS & JS
Pages slidebar
Custom headers
Custom search result
100% SEO Optimized
Page speed optimized.
HTML5 validation ready link
HTML Markup schema-ready Validated by structured testing tool
Optimized breadcrumbs for SEO
404 Template
Clean commented code
Google Fonts
Translation ready

If you like my theme, please rate it 5 stars also check our documentation.

DownloadLive Preview


px to rem conversion

Px to rem conversion for designer and developer .
Example: If your html or body font size 16px

html, body {
font-size: 16px;

Your default font size will be 1rem. And now 1 rem to 16 px.

How to convert px to rem ?

If your need font size 13px so divide 13/16 = 0.8125rem

Pixels and Rems both are the units of LENGTH. you can use the following table to convert from PIXELS to REMS.

10px 0.625rem
11px 0.6875rem
12px 0.75rem
13px 0.8125rem
14px 0.875rem
15px 0.9375rem
16px 1rem
17px 1.0625rem
18px 1.125rem
19px 1.1875rem
20px 1.25rem
21px 1.3125rem
22px 1.375rem
23px 1.4375rem
24px 1.5rem
25px 1.5625rem
26px 1.625rem
27px 1.6875rem
28px 1.75rem
29px 1.8125rem
30px 1.875rem
31px 1.9375rem
32px 2rem
33px 2.0625rem
34px 2.125rem
35px 2.1875rem
36px 2.25rem
37px 2.3125rem
38px 2.375rem
39px 2.4375rem
40px 2.5rem
41px 2.5625rem
42px 2.625rem
43px 2.6875rem
44px 2.75rem
45px 2.8125rem
46px 2.875rem
47px 2.9375rem
48px 3rem
49px 3.0625rem
50px 3.125rem
51px 3.1875rem
52px 3.25rem
53px 3.3125rem
54px 3.375rem
55px 3.4375rem
56px 3.5rem
57px 3.5625rem
58px 3.625rem
59px 3.6875rem
60px 3.75rem
61px 3.8125rem
62px 3.875rem
63px 3.9375rem
64px 4rem
65px 4.0625rem
66px 4.125rem
67px 4.1875rem
68px 4.25rem
69px 4.3125rem
70px 4.375rem

Best – ICO and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme -Crypterio

Looking for an ICO landing page or Cryptocurrency website for your Crypto project?
Meet Crypterio – the best-selling premium ICO landing page and Cryptocurrency WordPress theme, that perfectly fits for any type of digital consulting or crypto business.
Do you offer professional cryptocurrency and investments consulting services? Are you an ICO Advisor? If you are an expert focused on the cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin trading and Investments, Crypterio WordPress theme will help you drive your services.

ICO Whitelist Pre-Signup and Smart Contract Integration
Crypterio is ready for a Smart Contract and a Whitelist integration through CSV/XML compatible format to manage token distribution.

With this unique feature, ICO participants can effortlessly and securely register, pass KYC/AML procedure, get approved, and get listed on a Whitelist to purchase tokens during the Initial Coin Offering.

Just integrate your Smart Contract with a Whitelist through CSV/XML readable format to automate token distribution to whitelisted ICO applicants.

Please note, the theme does not include a ready-to-go integration of a Whitelist with a Blockchain platform. You need to develop your own Smart Contract and setup its integration with the Whitelist feature in Crypterio.

Crypterio theme enjoys benefits from a clean yet functional design based on in-depth industry research
With Crypterio theme you’ll get a robust WordPress solution for an ICO landing page, and a professional website for ICO Advisor or Cryptocurrency Investments consulting firm.

Blockchain technology consulting and ICO development agencies also can utilize the benefits and special features of the Crypterio WordPress theme.

Crypterio WordPress theme is in tune with all devices, browsers, and platforms, retina ready and comes with Visual Composer as page builder for free. All customization options are available in the Front-End editor and no coding skill required to edit the existing content, improve it, remove it or add your customized blocks to a page.

Now you’re ready to pack your professional website with high-quality content that will engage and inspire potential customers. Choose how you want to display your services and case studies, for maximum impact on your cryptocurrency business. A choice of templates, including custom pie charts, graphs and progress bars, gives you a range of dynamic and compelling options for showing your clients what you can do.

With Crypterio WP theme the sky is only the limit! No need to be compromise of your Digital Currencies business ideas. Start your Bitcoin business today and hit the crypto market with an affluent website.

Supported languages:
Full Theme Localization in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish languages

Key Features:
ICO Whitelist Pre-Signup
Full Theme Localization in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish languages
Smart Contract Integration Ready
CSV/XML ICO Data Export
Real-time Exchange Rates
Virtual Coin Widgets (10 widgets)
Coin Exchange Calculator (all world currencies)
Theme Options with Real-time WP Customizer
Revolution Slider included
Responsive Design on Bootstrap
Parallax and Video Background
Visual Composer Page builder
3 Service Page templates
2 Case Study templates
2 Blog & News layout templates
2 Team Page templates
AMP ready
Built with SASS
Cross-Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, IE10+
Regular Updates
800+ Google Fonts
WooCommerce Shop
Custom SVG icons
FontAwesome icons
WPML localization support
One-click demo content import
Audio & Video embed
24/7 Professional Support
Documentation included

See Overview:

DownloadLive Preview

Debugging WordPress theme

Many plugin and theme authors don’t take full advantage of some really helpful debugging tools in WordPress. Here’s a quick run-down of a cool tools for debugging:
define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );
Define it in wp-config.php and you’ll start seeing PHP error notices and also WordPress-generated debug messages, particularly deprecated function usage.

Happy Coding 🙂

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

Cost Estimation and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder is a number one cost estimation & payment forms for wordpress and very easy to use

Easily sell any customized services & products creating your own flat and responsive cost calculator or payment forms (even with subscription !) on your wordpress website .
This unique plugin can be used to sell any type of service or products: applications, websites, graphics, seo, pets, lunar fragments and many much more. Cost Estimation and Payment Forms Builder use to very user friendly.

Your customers can get an accurate estimate of their request (the final estimate/order is sent by email) or directly do payment using Paypal or Stripe. The customer’s email can be automatically sent to your MailChimp / MailPoet / GetResponse list .

You can also choose to hide all prices from the form and emails to use it as a classical form.
Its intuitive and powerful conditional system and its many components allow you to create any type of form easily.

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder also works with WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads : you can easily create a gift creator, or a smart products packs generator. The selected products can be automatically added to the cart at end of the form .
It is also able to do distance calculations and complex custom calculations, using powerful and intuitive visual tools.

Watch the video for use the forms
Watch a preview of the backend
Discover the Form Designer extension
Watch a video tutorial
How to use custom calculations
Watch a presentation made by Elegant Themes
Watch a tutorial made by Elegant Themes (Jason Champagne) showing how to integrate this plugin to the Divi theme and how to use it


# Fully responsive
# Multiple forms management
# Fully manage Steps and Items
# Can make Paypal and Stripe payments
# Powerful conditional system : visually link steps and easily add conditions
# Powerful calculation system : create easily and visually complex prices calculation for your products (formulas)
# Powerful booking system
# Unique and smartly designed backend
# Items can be checkbox, textfields, numberfields, textareas, dropdowns, date-pickers, time-pickers file fields, rich content, colorpickers, layered images, sliders, shortcodes, or images
# Items can be grouped, required, selected by default, or have a negative cost
# Items can be selected by quantities
# Items can be hidden/displayed depending on conditions
# The selection of the quantity can be done using buttons, number field or slider
# Items images can be automatically filled with the selected main color
# Item may have a price or apply a percentage to the total
# Multiple files upload fields with image preview
# Freely define the allowed types of files and max number of files for each files upload field
# Customize colors, font, texts and currency
# Easily use any Google Font in your forms
# Integrate your forms in your pages using shortcodes
# Open a form as popup simply using a css class on button
# Fast & easy import/export data system (images included !)
# WooCommerce support : items can be woo products, and can be added to cart automatically
# Easy Digital Downloads support : items can be digital products, and can be added to cart automatically
# You can create your own textfields in the last step
# If you prefer, you can assign a Gravity Form to the last step
# You can apply differents reductions depending on the quantity selected
# Confirmation email can be sent to the customer too
# Emails can be customized from admin
# Progress bar can show total price or step number
# Estimations and payments work with subscriptions
# Forms can generate a single price + a subscription price at same time
# You can choose to set a percentage of the total price for paypal payment
# Payment can be enabled depending on defined conditions
# Statistics panel
# Orders are stored on backend
# Orders can be exported as .csv
# Orders can be sent as .pdf by email
# Stored orders can be edited directly from backend
# Change items order by drag and drop
# Step can have description under title
# Steps and items can be hidden ( easily apply tax in your forms)
# On each link, freely choose if all conditions must be filled or only one to activate the next step
# Facultative legal notice on the last step
# A specific url can be opened in new tab when selecting item
# A summary can be displayed on last step
# Discount coupon codes management
# Customer’s informations can be automatically sent to your MailChimp / MailPoet / GetResponse list
# Contact can be sent before the end of the form
# Google analytics support
# Distance calculations (using Google Maps API)
# Conditional final redirections
# Captcha
# Result can be a price range
# Users can save their current selection and finish the form later
# Fully translatable using .po file or WPML
# German and French translations included
# 4 demonstration forms included
# Automatic updates
# Reactive support
# And much more !

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder


If you are using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, you can assign a product of your catalog to an item.
Information of the item will be filled automatically. In the plugin settings, you can choose to automatically add all selected products to the cart at end.


Click here to watch a tutorial showing how to use custom calculations in your forms

Download Live Preview

best coming soon template for under construction website

best coming soon template for under construction website

MacPro – Coming Soon Responsive HTML5 Template is perfect if you like a clean and creative design. The template allows you to use 7 different type of version: Image Background , Carousel Backgroud, Youtube Video Backgroud, Self Host Video, Kenburn Slider, Particles  and Snow Effect . All version are available 13 different color variations file . You can easily change all content by follow our Well Documentation.We hope you will be happy for using our coming soon template.

Macpro is creative design based multi-functional HTML template, powered with Bootstrap framework and designed with HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Fully responsive, it works from large desktops to mobile devices and also Retina Display Ready.

Responsive layout
Ajax mailchimp included for subscribe your customer
Ajax Contact Form for collect customer email
Form validations
900+ Font awesome icons
7 different version available
1. Image backgroud
2. Carousel backgroud
3. Youtube video backgroud
4. Self Host Video
5. Kenburn Slider
6. Particles
7. Snow Effect
13 nice color scheme
Counddown timer
Typed text
Well documented
Easy customizable
Twitter API integration
Live tweet show from twitter
Bootstrap v3x
Google web fonts
Google color map
Clean code
W3 standards & validate code
Quick support
And much more…

We will add some version ASAP

best coming soon template for under construction website

under construction page

coming soon template

Download Live Preview

contact form 7 not working on godaddy

How to fix your contact form 7 not working in godaddy hosting by your domain email

Please follow the few steps for fix your contact form 7 mail sending problem in go daddy hosting by using your domain email.
1. First login to your go daddy account.
2. Go to your C panel.
3. Type “MX Entry” on your search bar.
contact form 7 mail sending problem
4. Click “MX Entry” under the email.
5. Select “Remote Mail Exchange” by radio button

6. Click “Change” Button.
Hope your problem will be solved.
Otherwise you can contact go daddy support center.