Is Envato Elements Worth It? Evaluating Its Offerings & Alternatives

Wondering if Envato Elements is worth the hype? Dive in as we uncover the contrasting facets of this subscription service. From a vast library of creative assets to budget-friendly pricing, Envato Elements offers a one-stop shop for designers and content creators.

However, limitations on usage rights and individual asset purchases may leave some users contemplating its overall value proposition.

Whether you’re seeking convenience or flexibility, understanding these nuances is key to determining if Envato Elements aligns with your creative needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluate before committing: Before subscribing to Envato Elements, assess your design needs and frequency to determine if the platform aligns with your requirements.
  • Utilize the free trial: Take advantage of the free trial period to explore the platform’s offerings, download items, and gauge their suitability for your projects.
  • Consider cost-effectiveness: Compare the subscription cost of Envato Elements with the value you derive from its assets to ensure it fits your budget and provides a good return on investment.
  • Benefit from diverse content: Envato Elements offers a vast library of assets, including graphics, templates, and more, catering to various design preferences and project requirements.
  • Learn from user experiences: Real user testimonials and experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality, usability, and benefits of Envato Elements for potential subscribers.
  • Explore alternatives wisely: While considering Envato Elements, explore alternative platforms to make an informed decision based on factors like pricing, content quality, and licensing terms.
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Is Envato Elements Worth It?

Is Envato Elements Worth It? Evaluating its offerings and alternatives is crucial in determining its value. Subscribers gain access to a vast library of digital assets like graphics and templates for a fixed monthly fee.

Evaluating individual needs and usage patterns helps decide if the subscription cost justifies the benefits. Exploring alternatives may provide insights into comparable services, aiding the decision-making process regarding Envato Elements.

Is Envato Elements Worth It?
Is Envato Elements Worth It?

Understanding Envato Elements and Its Offerings

Variety of Offerings

Envato Elements is a platform that offers unlimited downloads of digital assets like graphics, templates, videos, and music.

Understanding Envato Elements and Its Offerings
Understanding Envato Elements and Its Offerings

With this subscription-based service, users gain access to a vast library of high-quality resources for their creative projects.

Whether you’re working on web design, video editing, or marketing materials, Envato Elements has something for everyone.


  • Access to a wide range of digital assets.
  • High-quality resources are suitable for various projects.
  • Cost-effective compared to purchasing individual items.


  • A monthly subscription fee may not be ideal for occasional users.
  • Some niche categories may have limited options.

Value Proposition

When considering whether Envato Elements is worth it for you, think about the sheer volume and quality of resources available.

If you find yourself needing different types of digital assets regularly or working on diverse projects that require everything from icons to sound effects, then the platform’s offerings could save you time and money in the long run.

  1. Evaluate your creative needs and frequency of asset usage.
  2. Compare the cost of an Envato Elements subscription with purchasing individual items.
  3. Explore the platform’s library to see if it aligns with your project requirements.

Free Trial and Download Process Explained

Exploring Envato Elements with Free Trials

Envato Elements provides free trials for users to test the platform’s services. During this period, individuals can freely navigate through the website, explore various categories like audio tracks or Premiere Pro templates, and search for specific items using the designated search field.

Free Trial and Download Process Explained
Free Trial and Download Process Explained

This trial allows users to get a feel for what Envato Elements offers without committing financially.

Users can create a free account, access the trial, and start downloading assets of their choice.

The free trial enables them to sample different types of content such as graphics, video templates, stock photos, fonts, and more before deciding on a subscription plan.


  • Opportunity to explore diverse content.
  • Access to high-quality assets during the trial period.


  • A limited number of downloads are available during the trial.
  • Some premium items may not be accessible with a free account.

Seamless Download Process

Once users identify an item they wish to download be it sound effects or graphic elements they can simply click on the download button next to it.

The process is intuitive; after selecting an asset, users are prompted with quick links that initiate automatic downloads.

This streamlined approach ensures that users can swiftly obtain their desired resources without any hassle.

  1. Create a free account on Envato Elements.
  2. Navigate through different categories or use the search function.
  3. Click on “Download” next to your chosen item.
  4. Easily access downloaded files from your account dashboard.

Evaluating the Worth of Envato Elements for Users

Value for Users

Envato Elements can be a game-changer for individuals or businesses needing variety in their content creation.

With access to premium resources like icons and templates, users can elevate their projects without breaking the bank.

The platform’s cost-effective subscription model makes it an attractive option for those with frequent creative needs.

Evaluating the Worth of Envato Elements for Users provide Free Files for each month
Evaluating the Worth of Envato Elements for Users provide Free Files for each month

Users of Envato Elements have the advantage of saving both time and money. Instead of scouring multiple sources for assets, they can find everything they need in one place – from apps to graphics to blog templates.

This convenience streamlines the creative process and allows users to focus on producing high-quality work rather than searching for resources.


  • A wide range of premium resources is available
  • Cost-effective subscription model
  • Saves time by offering a diverse collection


  • Subscription-based service may not be suitable for occasional users
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Comparison: Envato Market vs Envato Elements

Pay-Per-Item vs Subscription-Based

Envato Market charges per item purchased, while Envato Elements operates on a subscription model.

With the pay-per-item approach, users only pay for what they need at that moment on Envato Market.

On the other hand, with a subscription to Envato Elements, users gain access to unlimited downloads during their membership period.

Users who require specific items occasionally may find the pay-per-item model of Envato Market more cost-effective, as they are not tied to a recurring fee.

In contrast, those who frequently need various assets like graphics, templates, and plugins might benefit more from the convenience of unlimited downloads through an Envato Elements subscription.

Flexibility vs Unlimited Downloads

Conversely, with Envato Elements’ vast library of resources available for download under one subscription fee, users enjoy the freedom of exploring and utilizing diverse content without additional costs piling up.


  • Pay-per-item model allows cost control.
  • Subscription-based service provides access to a wide range of assets.

Real User Experiences and Licensing Explained

Positive User Experiences

Users find Envato Elements worthwhile due to the high quality and diverse range of assets available.

The positive experiences shared by users emphasize the value they receive from the platform. For example, graphic designers appreciate the vast selection of templates for various projects.

  • Users benefit from a wide variety of assets
  • High-quality resources enhance user experience
  • Designers find suitable templates for different projects

Clear Licensing Terms

The licensing terms on Envato Elements are transparent, allowing users to utilize resources across multiple projects without incurring extra costs.

This commercial license flexibility is advantageous for professionals who work on various client projects simultaneously.

  • Clear licensing terms facilitate ease of use
  • A commercial license permits multiple project uses
  • Professionals can leverage assets without restrictions

Cost Analysis and Subscription Benefits

Low Subscription Cost

Envato Elements offers a cost-effective subscription model, which is much cheaper than buying individual assets separately.

Cost Analysis and Subscription Benefits
Cost Analysis and Subscription Benefits

This means subscribers can access a vast library of resources without breaking the bank.

For example, purchasing just a few items individually could quickly add up to more than the cost of an entire year’s subscription.


  • Affordable pricing compared to individual purchases
  • Access to a wide range of assets for one flat fee


  • A continuous subscription is required for ongoing access

Regular Updates and Value Addition

One significant benefit of subscribing to Envato Elements is the regular updates and additions made to their library.

Subscribers can enjoy fresh content regularly, ensuring that they always have access to new resources without any extra charges. This continuous value addition keeps projects current and diverse.

Envato Elements Pricing

Key Information:

  • Ongoing value with new additions
  • No additional costs for updated content

Alternatives to Envato Elements and Their Comparison

Different Pricing Models

Other platforms like Creative Market and Adobe Stock serve as alternatives to Envato Elements.

While Envato Elements operates on a subscription model, Creative Market allows users to buy individual assets. On the other hand, Adobe Stock provides subscription plans for its services.

Creative Market offers flexibility by enabling users to purchase assets one by one according to their needs. In contrast, Adobe Stock’s subscription plans grant access to a wide range of assets for a fixed fee.

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Comparing Features and Libraries

When deciding between these alternatives, users need to compare features, pricing structures, and asset libraries offered by each platform.

Understanding the differences in available content types, quality of assets, search functionalities, licensing terms, and customer support can help individuals make an informed choice based on their specific requirements.


  • Flexibility in purchasing options on Creative Market.
  • A broad selection of assets under subscription plans with Adobe Stock.


  • Lack of unlimited downloads with single purchases on Creative Market.
  • Fixed fees regardless of asset usage with some Adobe Stock subscriptions.

Considerations Before Subscribing to Envato Elements

Evaluating Creative Requirements

Before subscribing to Envato Elements, it’s essential to assess your creative needs and how often you require assets. Consider if you need a wide variety of resources like stock photos, videos, graphics, or templates regularly.


  • Access to a vast library of high-quality digital assets.
  • Cost-effective for frequent users needing diverse content types.


  • May not be worth it for those who only occasionally use design elements.

Aligning with Project Needs

Checking if Envato Elements offers the specific items required for your projects is crucial. Ensure that the platform provides the right filter options to locate assets tailored to your niche or style easily.

Key Information:

  • Users can filter by category, file type, software compatibility, and more.
  • Having relevant search filters simplifies finding suitable resources quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Envato Elements suitable for beginners?

Envato Elements caters to users of all levels, including beginners. With its vast library of resources like templates, graphics, and more, beginners can easily access high-quality assets to kickstart their projects.

How does the free trial work for Envato Elements?

The free trial allows you to explore and download items from Envato Elements for a limited period. During this time, you can test out the platform’s offerings before deciding on a subscription plan that suits your needs.

Can I use Envato Elements content after my subscription ends?

Yes! Content downloaded during your active subscription period is licensed for ongoing use even if you cancel your membership later. You retain the rights to continue using previously downloaded assets by the licensing terms.

What sets the Envato Market apart from Envato Elements?

While both platforms offer digital assets, Envato Market operates on an individual purchase model while Envato Elements provides unlimited downloads through a subscription service. Depending on your project requirements and frequency of asset needs, one may be more suitable than the other.

Are there any hidden costs associated with subscribing to Envato Elements?

No hidden costs! Your subscription fee grants you access to the entire library without additional charges per download. It offers a transparent pricing structure where you pay a fixed amount based on your chosen billing cycle (monthly or yearly).

Final Remarks

You’ve delved into the world of Envato Elements, Is Envato Elements Worth It, weighing its pros and cons, comparing it to alternatives, and considering real user experiences.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re better equipped to decide if Envato Elements aligns with your creative needs.

Remember, the choice is yours, and it’s crucial to pick a platform that resonates with your style and requirements.

So, whether you’re ready to dive into a subscription or explore other options further, trust your instincts and choose what feels right for your projects.

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