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Which Gig Package is statistically the most likely for Customers to choose?
Answer: the standard package

The best way to succeed on Fiverr when communicating with Customers is to
Answer: Be personable and respectful

When creating your Seller Profile, you want to provide information about yourself that is
Answer: Accurate and detailed

When picking a Gig Image, simply find whatever suits your Gig best and copy the image.
Answer: False

Gig Packages allow Sellers to set multiple price points that take the following into consideration:
Answer: All of the above.

In following the AIDA model, how do you ‘Create Desire’ within your prospective Customers?
Answer: Explain the Competitive Advantage of your service.

Fiverr Sellers have many advantages when managing Buyer expectations, like setting
Answer: Fixed prices

When creating your Seller Profile, a great Gig Extra where you complete an order quickly is
Answer: First Delivery

When thinking about what service you will provide, you want to look at how you can sell what everyone else is selling.
Answer: false

When uploading your Seller Profile photo, you want to upload a photo that
Answer: Clearly shows your face

Most Customers arrive to your Gig page via a keyword search—showing them only your Gig thumbnail, starting price, and
Answer: The number of reviews

Which of these answers is not found on your Gig Page?
Answer: A creative Breif

A great way to think about your Gig Description is using the AIDA model, which stands for ‘Attention, Interest, Desire and
Answer: Action

When picking a Gig Image, simply find whatever suits your Gig best and copy the image.
Answer: False

If you find that many Customers end up asking the same questions, you can provide standard answers in the
Answer: FAQ Section

What is the best way to protect yourself from fraud when freelancing?
Answer: All of the avobe

The purpose of your Gig Description is to
Answer: Answer why you’re the right Seller to fulfill a Buyer’s needs.

When you receive a message on Fiverr, what can you do to double your chances of converting a sale?
Answare: Give a detailed, personalized response.

How can you take the lead with your Fiverr orders to make sure your Buyer has the best experience possible?
Answare: Explain your workflow process, notify when Customers will receive updates, and give 100% effort on every order.

If you’re working on lots of projects and feel overwhelmed, how can you downsize the amount of work you take on?
Answare: You can limit the number of orders you take on.

Once an order has started, how can you change the parameters or an order if you and your Customer agree that more work will be involved than initially intended?
Answare: Use the Resolution Center.

Custom Offers empower Sellers to upsell even higher than their Premium Packages—but when should a Custom Offer be used?
Answare: All of the above.

Using a Quick Response helps you quickly respond to an inquiry and can be customized to fit your customer’s needs.
Answare: TRUE

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  1. can i creat multipli accounts same laptop same internet connection

    • You can’t create multiple accounts by one laptop.
      And you will use dedicated IP for safe your fiverr account. But’s it not mandatory.


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