Best B2B Lead Generation Software and SaaS Tools to Collect Your Sales Leads

10 Best B2B Lead Generation Software and SaaS Tools to Collect Your Sales Leads

Business-to-business B2B lead generation software is the most effective way to find sales leads to potential customers. It helps you identify potential buyers by tracking their activity and interests online and then using this data to reach out to them.

As a result, you’ll be able to send a targeted message to the right person at the right time and get the best response possible. Here are 10 of the best B2B lead generation software solutions on the market today.

What Is Lead Generation In B2B? 

Lead generation is the process of finding potential leads for your business. It’s the first step in the sales funnel. Through B2B lead generation saas tools organically, B2B marketers drive potential customers to their 5 organizations. Different inbound marketing strategies contains in it. All the marketing tactics aim to build awareness, visibility, and interest in a specific target audience.

Some of the B2B lead generation methods include blog posts, opt-in forms, popup newsletters, landing pages, social media posts, SEO (Search Engines Optimization), etc. Every method is very important for sales and marketing teams because they want to find potential buyers.

How To Find B2B Leads? 

Finding the B2B lead is most important for any marketing practice. However, finding greater volume B2B leads will not help you at all, rather you must find a qualified lead. But unfortunately, finding qualified B2B leads is quite challenging.

But below, we will tell you some of the effective ways to find B2B contact information. And those ways are: 

  • Using lead generation software & tools
  • Set up live chat on your website’s
  • List your company name on directories
  • Use online forums to find more leads 
  • On the Q&A websites, answer relevant questions 
  • Get online reviews as much as possible 
  • On Twitter ads or Facebook ads, use lead generation google Ads, etc.  

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For growing your business, you need to use a lead generation tool. Lead generation is not about only the audience visiting your site. It’s more than that. Lead generation is about converting your casual traffic to organic and loyal customers by collecting their contact info. It’s a tough job. 

The lead generation software and b2b contact database providers help the site owners to capture their potential customer’s contact information. These tools help to find only those customers interested in your company’s service and product. 

However, the following 8 Lead generation tools for generating leads will make this tough job more manageable. So let’s discuss the details of these tools: 

Clodura AI – Leadgen Automation Platform

Clodura AI is a unique AI-powered sales intelligence & lead gen automation platform. It gives you access to the most verified B2B data with intent, 12M direct dials, 600M contacts, email campaigns, and org charts. This is an all-in-one lead platform for your lead-gen process.

Clodura AI - Leadgen Automation Platform
Clodura AI – Leadgen Automation Platform

You will access the world’s largest B2B database through this platform. This platform is best for marketers, sales managers, and recruiters. Coldura.AI is the best Leadgen Automation Platform in the market today.

Clodura AI has the most extensive mobile number collection in the world. 12M mobile numbers are available on this platform. Furthermore, it offers you the most advanced Anti-spam Email sender.

The email sender allows you to send emails that reach the person’s inbox rather than spam boxes. You can configure your email account on this platform. And, right away, you can start sending emails. 

Clodura AI offers comprehensive advanced analytics for your campaign. The analytics contains the readymade list of all soft leads. You should further follow up on these leads with LinkedIn and Calling.

Clodura AI also offers you access to over 18M company’s Org Charts. The sales intent of this platform allows you to identify those companies which are looking for particular services.

Moreover, the sale triggers of this platform on a daily basis track each company. So, Clodura AI is a superb platform that provides you with many facilities.

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Top Features of Clodura AI

  • Provide access to over 220M contact, including mobile phone numbers and emails
  • Most advanced Anti-spam Email sender
  • Provide full advanced analytics
  • Access to 18M company’s org charts
  • 600M verified B2B emails
  • Readymade list of all soft leads
  • Chrome Extension
  • Email Campaigns
  • Sales intelligence tool
  • Popular CRM Integration: Hubspot, Zoho, Freshsales, Pipedrive, Insightly, Salesforce
  • Automated Sales Sequence
  • Drag and Drop Email Template Builder
  • Company Insights
  • GDPR-compliant


  • Greater sales intent
  • After unlocking an email ID, direct dials available on the platform
  • Free plan available
  • 95% accuracy
  • 12/5 email and chat support


  • 1:1 Training session only for paid users. But provide lots of videos for free users.

Clodura.AI Pricing Plan

  • Free Forever: $0
  • Starter: $49 with Unlimited Contacts ( $45 for yearly payment )
  • Enterprise: $99 with Unlimited Contacts ( $90 for yearly payment )


Kanbox revolutionizes LinkedIn lead generation and recruitment processes. Built for professionals relying on LinkedIn for their daily prospecting, it offers a powerful suite of tools designed to simplify lead management and messaging.

Kanbox - Linkedin scraper, professional email finder, smart LinkedIn inbox and CRM pipeline for your lead gen
Kanbox – Linkedin scraper, professional email finder, smart LinkedIn inbox and CRM pipeline for your lead gen

This comprehensive platform encompasses a sophisticated LinkedIn scraper, a Smart Messaging Inbox, and CRM pipelines.

Kanbox is the ultimate LinkedIn scraper crafted to extract leads from Sales Navigator, providing clean, duplicate-free data. Users can export leads without any duplicates, ensuring lists are organized and streamlined. The platform’s advanced filters refine lead lists, offering the ability to create custom lists and export them in CSV format.

Top Key Features:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper
  • Advanced Filters for Lead Refinement
  • Email Finder with 98% Validity
  • Lead Cleaning and Relevance Detection
  • LinkedIn Messaging Inbox
  • Full-Screen Chat Experience
  • CRM Pipelines for Lead Management


  • High-Quality Lead Data Extraction
  • Advanced Filtering Enhances Lead Refinement
  • Email Finder Adds Missing Contact Details
  • Efficient Messaging and CRM Pipeline Features


  • The Platform May Have some Learning Curve for New Users


  • Nurture € 35/ month and € 25 per month for Annual payment
  • Growth € 65/ month and € 45 per month for Annual payment
  • Scale € 129/ month and € 99 per month for Annual payment


Postaga is an all-in-one outreach platform. Using Postage you can generate leads for your outreach campaign. You can use the tool to collect your content partner’s contact information to make an easier your outreach campaign. Postaga will automate your website’s link-building process. It uses Artificial Intelligence to build sales outreach campaigns.

Postaga – AI Powered Sales Outreach Platform
Postaga – AI Powered Sales Outreach Platform

Postaga recognizes all the key contacts, outbound links, and emails and analyzes your content. Moreover, this software makes your emails more personalized with the help of particular key advice snippets. Postaga aims to automate your link-building outreach. 

Using this tool, users can get the right link-building opportunities to analyze and promote their content. It offers excellent link-building opportunities and saves time. Postaga enables users to set up outreach campaigns, get the right contacts and monitor their progress.

Most importantly, this tool allows you to do all these things in one platform. The automation of this tool is truly designed to save time for users. Moreover, it allows personalized and highly leveraged emails specifically for the backlinks building purpose and provide a built-in CRM solution to manage all contacts.

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Top Features of Postaga 

  • GDPR complaint 
  • Send Cold Email
  • Email sequence
  • Sales generation Outreach
  • Personalized marketing opportunity
  • Conversion rate optimization 
  • Content marketing 
  • Customer data platform
  • Find Potential Content Partners


  • It helps to increase your overall outreach campaign 
  • Build relationships with content partners


  • No free plan offer


  • Pro: Starting at $84 / Month
  • Agency: Starting at $250 / Month

LeadClosure – Getting Targeted Leads

LeadClosure is a lead generation software that helps you generate targeted leads by analyzing any targeted website and its content. It can help you find the most relevant leads based on your keywords and specific search criteria for your business.

LeadClosure Email Finter
LeadClosure Email Finder

LeadClosure is a powerful b2b sales lead generation software that allows you to collect and manage leads more efficiently. It’s a windows based software and built with a simple interface and a lot of features, so you can easily find and collect more leads.

If you purchase a premium add-on, you will be able to extract Emails and phone numbers from any website that is included in the public contact information and indexed by Google. It is a proven lead generation system that will help you get more leads and increase your sales.

LeadClosure is now available on AppSumo with a lifetime deal.

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Features of LeadClosure

  • Email finder
  • Phone number finder
  • Search on targeted keywords
  • Exclude keyword
  • URL scraper
  • URL to email scraper
  • Custom email domain
  • Targeted source (Premium Addons)


  • Free to use: $0
  • Regular Price: $49
  • Lifetime Access for One-Time Payment: $29 Only

Linked Booster – Linkedin Lead Generation Tool

Linked Booster is an automated lead generation, CRM system for Linkedin that helps you quickly build your lead list, increase sales and retain more clients.

Linked Booster - Linkedin Automation Tool
Linked Booster – Linkedin Automation Tool

Linked Booster CRM helps you grow your lead generation pipeline while building a relationship with your customers. It will show you which of your connections are most likely to turn into real sales opportunities, helping you to choose the best time and method to reach them.

Linked Booster CRM can be used for all types of businesses: from small businesses to large enterprises level businesses. It can be used for any type of business, including the following: Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Travel, Education, Real estate, Construction, Automotive, Restaurants, Non-profits, and more.

The Linked Booster will connect automatically with your targeted audience, visit their profile and collect your prospect’s Linkedin information. All leads are easy to manage, filter, and sort out your connection. Also, you can export them to a CSV file with one click. It provides 500+ pre-ready message templates.

Top Features of Linked Booster

  • Detailed information for 1st-connection
  • Custom tags note, add/edit/remove tag
  • Auto-visit and Auto-connect profiles
  • Create lists
  • Export CSV file
  • 500+ Message templates


  • Save huge time and money
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce hassle
  • Using AI technology


  • No free version is available
  • Only 7-days Trial to check


One Month: $16.99 ( 6% OFF for the first month )
Three Months: $46.99 ( 9% OFF for the first 3 months )
One Year: $129.99 ( 38% OFF for the first year )


Lead generation can be a daunting task. But when done right, it pays off in the form of more sales, and greater customer satisfaction. Lead generation can take many forms. From cold email outreach to LinkedIn targeting and influencer campaigns, it doesn’t matter how you generate your leads. getprospect can help you streamline your lead generation processes and get you started.

Getprospect - LinkedIn Email Finder The Fastest Way to Prospect
Getprospect – LinkedIn Email Finder The Fastest Way to Prospect

The biggest problem of any business is identifying the people to whom you need to pitch your products and services. With this software, you will be able to create a list of targeted prospects for sales, lead generation, and recruitment.

Features of getprospect 

  • Email finder by name
  • Search emails of certain people in companies
  • Email finder by domain
  • Search email addresses by company domain
  • Bulk email finder
  • Thousands of emails in one batch
  • Bulk email verifier


50 valid emails1000 valid emails 5000 valid emails20000 valid emails50000 valid emails
100 verifications2 000 verifications10 000 verifications40 000 verifications100 000 verifications
Unlimited accept all emailsUnlimited accept all emailsUnlimited accept all emailsUnlimited accept all emailsUnlimited accept all emails
Unlimited usersUnlimited usersUnlimited usersUnlimited usersUnlimited users
$0 / Monthly$49 / Monthly$99 / Monthly$199 / Monthly$399 / Monthly is a popular lead-generation tool for those businesses and individuals who are looking to build a professional contact information database. Hunter effectively finds your professional email address in contrast to webmail like @yahoo, @hotmail, @Gmail, etc. - Find professional email addresses – Find professional email addresses

Also, if any small or medium size company, marketer, freelancer, or recruiting company like to verify the email address, they can do it using Thus this tool can greatly help you to save your manual research time. 

Hunter fined the professional email addresses by scouring the public webpages which are publicly available. Thus it ensures full data transparency. However, using this tool is perfectly legal, and its priority is data transparency. 

What Data Can Find?

Along with emails, hunter offers additional data so that you can make better decisions by analyzing the data you collected. When data is available publicly for that email address, provides the following additional information like Last name, First name, Organizations,Department,Twitter handle, Position, LinkedIn URL, Confidence score, Phone number, etc. The additional data with the email address helps you decide which emails are most likely to respond to the outreach request. 

Features of

  • Domain Search
  • Email Finder
  • Email Verifier
  • Outreach
  • Campaigns
  • Integrations


25 Monthly searches500 Monthly searches2500 Monthly searches10 000 Monthly searches30 000 Monthly searches
50 Monthly verifications1000 Monthly verifications5000 Monthly verifications20 000 Monthly verifications60 000 Monthly verifications
1 Email accounts5 Email accounts10 Email accounts20 Email accounts40 Email accounts
500 Recipients per campaign2500 Recipients per campaign5000 Recipients per campaign7500 Recipients per campaign10 000 Recipients per campaign

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of the best tools for generating B2B leads is this LinkedIn sales navigator. Once you learn the effective use of this tool, your lead-generation process becomes more accessible. In addition, this tool helps the sales representative to find, connect, contact and build a strong relationship with potential buyers.

Linkedin Sales Navigator
Linkedin Sales Navigator

By using the network data of LinkedIn, you can get your potential buyer’s all information and can engage with the probable leads. Linkedin sales navigator offers a trial period of 30 days.

The Use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Create Leads

For LinkedIn b2b sales lead generation, you have to use the sales navigator tool effectively in the following ways:

  • Use advanced-level filters to search
  • Make a list of leads
  • Connect to the leads and send emails
  • To follow up, use the alerts
  • Export all the leads to CSV

Pricing: Starting as $50/month

D7 Lead Finder

You can find leads globally across any country or category using the D7 lead finder. In multiple formats, you can export all the leads. Just input the keywords and location, and the D7 lead finder will find all the leads for your business.

D7 Lead Finder
D7 Lead Finder

However, through this tool, you will find the following things:

  • Per search will result in up to 1200 business leads
  • Website link
  • Full business name
  • Email address
  • Business email address
  • Separate postal address based on the City, Street, ZIP, and country
  • In 3 minutes or less, you will get the results
  • Social Media Handles links like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Track the Google Remarketing, or Facebook Pixel user leads
  • CSV/PDF/Excel/Print Export options
  • Get worldwide leads etc.

Pricing of D7 Lead Finder:

Starter: $29.99

Agency: $54.99

Professional: $119.00 is the most popular lead generation platform. It comes with a lot of features like an Email Finder, Email Verifier, Drip Campaigns, Email Warm-up, Sales CRM, and Email Finder Extensions using which you can search result pages. Also, you can save emails and company website prospects. Thus, activate the Email Finder and quickly contact the target list. 

Snov io - More leads. More sales. More revenue
Snov io – More leads. More sales. More revenue

Short Guide to Use the Email Extension 

Following the steps below, you can use this tool to generate leads. 

  • Install Email Finder Extention
  • Pin to dashboard 
  • From the company website collect the prospects and emails 
  • From the Google search results, collect the emails 

The pricing plan of Snov io

  • S: $33/month
  • M: $83/month
  • L: $158/month
  • XL: $308/month
  • XXL: $615/month


Leadfeeder identifies the visitors on your website and turns them into your organization’s sales lead. This tool works in a few ways to track and analyze the traffic on your site. Then, following a particular process, this tool converts the potential lead into a usable lead.


You can use the Leadfeeder to generate a lead & custom filter. And this tool helps to integrate the sales used to look for potential clients. In simple words, LeadFeeder is a tracker of your website visitors that helps to generate your business leads.

The cloud-based platform of this tool will show you the details of your visitors, like which companies or individuals are visiting your profile and more. 

The features of Leadfeeder are: 

  • Turn anonymous traffic of your site into the actual company clients
  • Reveal the company’s exact behavior by visiting your site 
  • With leadfeeder’s static and dynamic IP database, identify the remote workers 

Pricing of Leadfeeder

Free Version: €0/Month ( Up to 100 leads )

Premium starting at € 99 /Month


The B2B lead generation is not only collecting contact information from your audience. It’s more than this. The lead generation in B2B also contains the process of collecting the visitor’s information to drive sales. You require the right tools to generate leads. 

So pick the best tool that will help you nail your web-based lead generation’s every aspect. You have the freedom to choose which one is the best tool for you. So carefully select the best one that will generate more leads, convert more leads to customers and make more sales and more revenue.

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