Px to Rem Conversion Calculator: Px to Rem Converter (Live)

Px to Rem Conversion Calculator: Px to Rem Converter (Live)

Pixels (px) and rems (root ems) are both units of measurement used in web development. Pixels are absolute units, meaning that they have a fixed size. Rems are relative units, meaning that their size is determined by the font size of the root HTML element.

There are several advantages to using rems instead of pixels. First, rems make it easier to create responsive websites. When the screen size changes, the font size of the root HTML element will change accordingly, and all elements with a font size specified in rems will scale accordingly.

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Second, rems make it easier to create accessible websites. People with visual impairments may need to increase the font size of their browser in order to read text comfortably. When the font size of the browser is increased, all elements with a font size specified in rems will scale accordingly.

Third, rems make it easier to maintain CSS code. When you change the font size of the root HTML element, you only need to change the font size in one place. All elements with a font size specified in rems will be updated automatically.

Try to use Px to Rem Converter : Rem to Px Converter (Live Calculator)

Pixel to REM Converter

24 Conversion: 24

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What is Px to Rem Conversion Calculator?

A px to rem conversion calculator is a tool that can be used to convert pixels to rems and vice versa. This can be useful for web developers who are trying to create responsive and accessible websites.

To use a px to rem conversion calculator, simply enter the pixel value that you want to convert and the font size of the root HTML element. The calculator will then output the equivalent rem value.

What is Rem to Px Calculator?

A rem to px calculator is a tool that can be used to convert rems (root ems) to pixels and vice versa. This can be useful for web developers who are trying to create responsive and accessible websites.

To use a rem to px calculator, simply enter the rem value that you want to convert and the font size of the root HTML element. The calculator will then output the equivalent pixel value.

For example, if the font size of the root HTML element is 16px and you want to convert 1rem to pixels, you would enter 1 into the calculator and it would output 16.

How to Use Rems in CSS

To use rems in CSS, simply specify the font size of an element in rems instead of pixels. For example, to set the font size of a heading to 24px, you would use the following CSS code:

Px to rem conversion for designer and developer .
Example: If your HTML or body font size 16px

html, body {
font-size: 16px;

Your default font size will be 1rem. And now 1 rem to 16 px.

How to convert px to rem ?

If you need font size 13px so divide 13/16 = 0.8125rem

Pixels and Rems both are the units of LENGTH. you can use the following table to convert from PIXELS to REMS.

Sample of 10px to 70px

10px 0.625rem
11px 0.6875rem
12px 0.75rem
13px 0.8125rem
14px 0.875rem
15px 0.9375rem
16px 1rem
17px 1.0625rem
18px 1.125rem
19px 1.1875rem
20px 1.25rem
21px 1.3125rem
22px 1.375rem
23px 1.4375rem
24px 1.5rem
25px 1.5625rem
26px 1.625rem
27px 1.6875rem
28px 1.75rem
29px 1.8125rem
30px 1.875rem

31px 1.9375rem
32px 2rem
33px 2.0625rem
34px 2.125rem
35px 2.1875rem
36px 2.25rem
37px 2.3125rem
38px 2.375rem
39px 2.4375rem
40px 2.5rem
41px 2.5625rem
42px 2.625rem
43px 2.6875rem
44px 2.75rem
45px 2.8125rem
46px 2.875rem
47px 2.9375rem
48px 3rem
49px 3.0625rem
50px 3.125rem
51px 3.1875rem

52px 3.25rem
53px 3.3125rem
54px 3.375rem
55px 3.4375rem
56px 3.5rem
57px 3.5625rem
58px 3.625rem
59px 3.6875rem
60px 3.75rem
61px 3.8125rem
62px 3.875rem
63px 3.9375rem
64px 4rem
65px 4.0625rem
66px 4.125rem
67px 4.1875rem
68px 4.25rem
69px 4.3125rem
70px 4.375rem

Sample of Px to Rem: 1Px to 2000px

4px to rem = 0.25
5px to rem = 0.3125
6px to rem = 0.375
7px to rem = 0.4375
8px to rem = 0.5
9px to rem = 0.5625
10px to rem = 0.625
11px to rem = 0.6875
12px to rem = 0.75
13px to rem = 0.8125
14px to rem = 0.875
15px to rem = 0.9375
16px to rem = 1
17px to rem = 1.0625
18px to rem = 1.125
19px to rem = 1.1875
20px to rem = 1.25
21px to rem = 1.3125
22px to rem = 1.375
23px to rem = 1.4375
24px to rem = 1.5
25px to rem = 1.5625
26px to rem = 1.625
27px to rem = 1.6875
28px to rem = 1.75
29px to rem = 1.8125
30px to rem = 1.875
31px to rem = 1.9375
32px to rem = 2
33px to rem = 2.0625
34px to rem = 2.125
35px to rem = 2.1875
36px to rem = 2.25
37px to rem = 2.3125
38px to rem = 2.375
39px to rem = 2.4375
40px to rem = 2.5
41px to rem = 2.5625
42px to rem = 2.625
43px to rem = 2.6875
44px to rem = 2.75
45px to rem = 2.8125
46px to rem = 2.875
47px to rem = 2.9375
48px to rem = 3
49px to rem = 3.0625
50px to rem = 3.125
51px to rem = 3.1875
52px to rem = 3.25
53px to rem = 3.3125
54px to rem = 3.375
55px to rem = 3.4375
56px to rem = 3.5
57px to rem = 3.5625
58px to rem = 3.625
59px to rem = 3.6875
60px to rem = 3.75
61px to rem = 3.8125
62px to rem = 3.875
63px to rem = 3.9375
64px to rem = 4
65px to rem = 4.0625
66px to rem = 4.125
67px to rem = 4.1875
68px to rem = 4.25
69px to rem = 4.3125
70px to rem = 4.375
71px to rem = 4.4375
72px to rem = 4.5
73px to rem = 4.5625
74px to rem = 4.625
75px to rem = 4.6875
76px to rem = 4.75
77px to rem = 4.8125
78px to rem = 4.875
79px to rem = 4.9375
80px to rem = 5
81px to rem = 5.0625
82px to rem = 5.125
83px to rem = 5.1875
84px to rem = 5.25
85px to rem = 5.3125
86px to rem = 5.375
87px to rem = 5.4375
88px to rem = 5.5
89px to rem = 5.5625
90px to rem = 5.625
91px to rem = 5.6875
92px to rem = 5.75
93px to rem = 5.8125
94px to rem = 5.875
95px to rem = 5.9375
96px to rem = 6

97px to rem = 6.0625
98px to rem = 6.125
99px to rem = 6.1875
100px to rem = 6.25
110px to rem = 6.875
120px to rem = 7.5
130px to rem = 8.125
140px to rem = 8.75
150px to rem = 9.375
160px to rem = 10
170px to rem = 10.625
180px to rem = 11.25
190px to rem = 11.875
200px to rem = 12.5
210px to rem = 13.125
220px to rem = 13.75
230px to rem = 14.375
240px to rem = 15
250px to rem = 15.625
260px to rem = 16.25
270px to rem = 16.875
280px to rem = 17.5
290px to rem = 18.125
300px to rem = 18.75
310px to rem = 19.375
320px to rem = 20
330px to rem = 20.625
340px to rem = 21.25
350px to rem = 21.875
360px to rem = 22.5
370px to rem = 23.125
380px to rem = 23.75
390px to rem = 24.375
400px to rem = 25
410px to rem = 25.625
420px to rem = 26.25
430px to rem = 26.875
440px to rem = 27.5
450px to rem = 28.125
460px to rem = 28.75
470px to rem = 29.375
480px to rem = 30
490px to rem = 30.625
500px to rem = 31.25
510px to rem = 31.875
520px to rem = 32.5
530px to rem = 33.125
540px to rem = 33.75
550px to rem = 34.375
560px to rem = 35
570px to rem = 35.625
580px to rem = 36.25
590px to rem = 36.875
600px to rem = 37.5
610px to rem = 38.125
620px to rem = 38.75
630px to rem = 39.375
640px to rem = 40
650px to rem = 40.625
660px to rem = 41.25
670px to rem = 41.875
680px to rem = 42.5
690px to rem = 43.125
700px to rem = 43.75
710px to rem = 44.375
720px to rem = 45
730px to rem = 45.625
740px to rem = 46.25
750px to rem = 46.875
760px to rem = 47.5
770px to rem = 48.125
780px to rem = 48.75
790px to rem = 49.375
800px to rem = 50
810px to rem = 50.625
820px to rem = 51.25
830px to rem = 51.875
840px to rem = 52.5
850px to rem = 53.125
860px to rem = 53.75
870px to rem = 54.375
880px to rem = 55
890px to rem = 55.625
900px to rem = 56.25
910px to rem = 56.875
920px to rem = 57.5
930px to rem = 58.125
940px to rem = 58.75
950px to rem = 59.375
960px to rem = 60
970px to rem = 60.625
980px to rem = 61.25
990px to rem = 61.875

1130px to rem = 70.625
1140px to rem = 71.25
1150px to rem = 71.875
1160px to rem = 72.5
1170px to rem = 73.125
1180px to rem = 73.75
1190px to rem = 74.375
1200px to rem = 75
1210px to rem = 75.625
1220px to rem = 76.25
1230px to rem = 76.875
1240px to rem = 77.5
1250px to rem = 78.125
1260px to rem = 78.75
1270px to rem = 79.375
1280px to rem = 80
1290px to rem = 80.625
1300px to rem = 81.25
1310px to rem = 81.875
1320px to rem = 82.5
1330px to rem = 83.125
1340px to rem = 83.75
1350px to rem = 84.375
1360px to rem = 85
1370px to rem = 85.625
1380px to rem = 86.25
1390px to rem = 86.875
1400px to rem = 87.5
1410px to rem = 88.125
1420px to rem = 88.75
1430px to rem = 89.375
1440px to rem = 90
1450px to rem = 90.625
1460px to rem = 91.25
1470px to rem = 91.875
1480px to rem = 92.5
1490px to rem = 93.125
1500px to rem = 93.75
1510px to rem = 94.375
1520px to rem = 95
1530px to rem = 95.625
1540px to rem = 96.25
1550px to rem = 96.875
1560px to rem = 97.5
1570px to rem = 98.125
1580px to rem = 98.75
1590px to rem = 99.375
1600px to rem = 100
1610px to rem = 100.625
1620px to rem = 101.25
1630px to rem = 101.875
1640px to rem = 102.5
1650px to rem = 103.125
1660px to rem = 103.75
1670px to rem = 104.375
1680px to rem = 105
1690px to rem = 105.625
1700px to rem = 106.25
1710px to rem = 106.875
1720px to rem = 107.5
1730px to rem = 108.125
1740px to rem = 108.75
1750px to rem = 109.375
1760px to rem = 110
1770px to rem = 110.625
1780px to rem = 111.25
1790px to rem = 111.875
1800px to rem = 112.5
1810px to rem = 113.125
1820px to rem = 113.75
1830px to rem = 114.375
1840px to rem = 115
1850px to rem = 115.625
1860px to rem = 116.25
1870px to rem = 116.875
1880px to rem = 117.5
1890px to rem = 118.125
1900px to rem = 118.75
1910px to rem = 119.375
1920px to rem = 120
1930px to rem = 120.625
1940px to rem = 121.25
1950px to rem = 121.875
1960px to rem = 122.5
1970px to rem = 123.125
1980px to rem = 123.75
1990px to rem = 124.375
2000px to rem = 125
1000px to rem = 62.5
1110px to rem = 69.375
1120px to rem = 70

Sample of Rem to Px: 0.25 to 100 Rem

0.25rem to 4px
0.5rem to 8px
0.75rem to 12px
1rem to 16px
1.25rem to 20px
1.5rem to 24px
1.75rem to 28px
2rem to 32px
2.25rem to 36px
2.5rem to 40px
2.75rem to 44px
3rem to 48px
3.25rem to 52px
3.5rem to 56px
3.75rem to 60px
4rem to 64px
4.25rem to 68px
4.5rem to 72px
4.75rem to 76px
5rem to 80px
5.25rem to 84px
5.5rem to 88px
5.75rem to 92px
6rem to 96px
6.25rem to 100px
6.5rem to 104px
6.75rem to 108px
7rem to 112px
7.25rem to 116px
7.5rem to 120px
7.75rem to 124px
8rem to 128px
8.25rem to 132px
8.5rem to 136px
8.75rem to 140px
9rem to 144px
9.25rem to 148px
9.5rem to 152px
9.75rem to 156px
10rem to 160px
10.25rem to 164px
10.5rem to 168px
10.75rem to 172px
11rem to 176px
11.25rem to 180px
11.5rem to 184px
11.75rem to 188px
12rem to 192px
12.25rem to 196px
12.5rem to 200px
12.75rem to 204px
13rem to 208px
13.25rem to 212px
13.5rem to 216px
13.75rem to 220px
14rem to 224px
14.25rem to 228px
14.5rem to 232px
14.75rem to 236px
15rem to 240px
15.25rem to 244px
15.5rem to 248px
15.75rem to 252px
16rem to 256px
16.25rem to 260px
16.5rem to 264px
16.75rem to 268px
17rem to 272px
17.25rem to 276px
17.5rem to 280px
17.75rem to 284px
18rem to 288px
18.25rem to 292px
18.5rem to 296px
18.75rem to 300px
19rem to 304px
19.25rem to 308px
19.5rem to 312px
19.75rem to 316px
20rem to 320px
20.25rem to 324px
20.5rem to 328px
20.75rem to 332px
21rem to 336px
21.25rem to 340px
21.5rem to 344px
21.75rem to 348px
22rem to 352px
22.25rem to 356px
22.5rem to 360px
22.75rem to 364px
23rem to 368px
23.25rem to 372px
23.5rem to 376px
23.75rem to 380px
24rem to 384px
24.25rem to 388px
24.5rem to 392px
24.75rem to 396px
25rem to 400px
25.25rem to 404px
25.5rem to 408px
25.75rem to 412px
26rem to 416px
26.25rem to 420px
26.5rem to 424px
26.75rem to 428px
27rem to 432px
27.25rem to 436px
27.5rem to 440px
27.75rem to 444px
28rem to 448px
28.25rem to 452px
28.5rem to 456px
28.75rem to 460px
29rem to 464px
29.25rem to 468px
29.5rem to 472px
29.75rem to 476px
30rem to 480px
30.25rem to 484px
30.5rem to 488px
30.75rem to 492px
31rem to 496px
31.25rem to 500px
31.5rem to 504px
31.75rem to 508px
32rem to 512px
32.25rem to 516px
32.5rem to 520px
32.75rem to 524px
33rem to 528px
33.25rem to 532px
33.5rem to 536px
33.75rem to 540px
34rem to 544px
34.25rem to 548px
34.5rem to 552px
34.75rem to 556px
35rem to 560px
35.25rem to 564px
35.5rem to 568px
35.75rem to 572px
36rem to 576px
36.25rem to 580px
36.5rem to 584px
36.75rem to 588px
37rem to 592px
37.25rem to 596px
37.5rem to 600px
37.75rem to 604px
38rem to 608px
38.25rem to 612px
38.5rem to 616px
38.75rem to 620px
39rem to 624px
39.25rem to 628px
39.5rem to 632px
39.75rem to 636px
40rem to 640px
40.25rem to 644px
40.5rem to 648px
40.75rem to 652px
41rem to 656px
41.25rem to 660px
41.5rem to 664px
41.75rem to 668px
42rem to 672px
42.25rem to 676px
42.5rem to 680px
42.75rem to 684px
43rem to 688px
43.25rem to 692px
43.5rem to 696px
43.75rem to 700px
44rem to 704px
44.25rem to 708px
44.5rem to 712px
44.75rem to 716px
45rem to 720px
45.25rem to 724px
45.5rem to 728px
45.75rem to 732px
46rem to 736px
46.25rem to 740px
46.5rem to 744px
46.75rem to 748px
47rem to 752px
47.25rem to 756px
47.5rem to 760px
47.75rem to 764px
48rem to 768px
48.25rem to 772px
48.5rem to 776px
48.75rem to 780px
49rem to 784px
49.25rem to 788px
49.5rem to 792px
49.75rem to 796px
50rem to 800px
50.25rem to 804px
50.5rem to 808px
50.75rem to 812px
51rem to 816px
51.25rem to 820px
51.5rem to 824px
51.75rem to 828px
52rem to 832px
52.25rem to 836px
52.5rem to 840px
52.75rem to 844px
53rem to 848px
53.25rem to 852px
53.5rem to 856px
53.75rem to 860px
54rem to 864px
54.25rem to 868px
54.5rem to 872px
54.75rem to 876px
55rem to 880px
55.25rem to 884px
55.5rem to 888px
55.75rem to 892px
56rem to 896px
56.25rem to 900px
56.5rem to 904px
56.75rem to 908px
57rem to 912px
57.25rem to 916px
57.5rem to 920px
57.75rem to 924px
58rem to 928px
58.25rem to 932px
58.5rem to 936px
58.75rem to 940px
59rem to 944px
59.25rem to 948px
59.5rem to 952px
59.75rem to 956px
60rem to 960px
60.25rem to 964px
60.5rem to 968px
60.75rem to 972px
61rem to 976px
61.25rem to 980px
61.5rem to 984px
61.75rem to 988px
62rem to 992px
62.25rem to 996px
62.5rem to 1000px
62.75rem to 1004px
63rem to 1008px
63.25rem to 1012px
63.5rem to 1016px
63.75rem to 1020px
64rem to 1024px
64.25rem to 1028px
64.5rem to 1032px
64.75rem to 1036px
65rem to 1040px
65.25rem to 1044px
65.5rem to 1048px
65.75rem to 1052px
66rem to 1056px
66.25rem to 1060px
66.5rem to 1064px
66.75rem to 1068px
67rem to 1072px
67.25rem to 1076px
67.5rem to 1080px
67.75rem to 1084px
68rem to 1088px
68.25rem to 1092px
68.5rem to 1096px
68.75rem to 1100px
69rem to 1104px
69.25rem to 1108px
69.5rem to 1112px
69.75rem to 1116px
70rem to 1120px
70.25rem to 1124px
70.5rem to 1128px
70.75rem to 1132px
71rem to 1136px
71.25rem to 1140px
71.5rem to 1144px
71.75rem to 1148px
72rem to 1152px
72.25rem to 1156px
72.5rem to 1160px
72.75rem to 1164px
73rem to 1168px
73.25rem to 1172px
73.5rem to 1176px
73.75rem to 1180px
74rem to 1184px
74.25rem to 1188px
74.5rem to 1192px
74.75rem to 1196px
75rem to 1200px
75.25rem to 1204px
75.5rem to 1208px
75.75rem to 1212px
76rem to 1216px
76.25rem to 1220px
76.5rem to 1224px
76.75rem to 1228px
77rem to 1232px
77.25rem to 1236px
77.5rem to 1240px
77.75rem to 1244px
78rem to 1248px
78.25rem to 1252px
78.5rem to 1256px
78.75rem to 1260px
79rem to 1264px
79.25rem to 1268px
79.5rem to 1272px
79.75rem to 1276px
80rem to 1280px
80.25rem to 1284px
80.5rem to 1288px
80.75rem to 1292px
81rem to 1296px
81.25rem to 1300px
81.5rem to 1304px
81.75rem to 1308px
82rem to 1312px
82.25rem to 1316px
82.5rem to 1320px
82.75rem to 1324px
83rem to 1328px
83.25rem to 1332px
83.5rem to 1336px
83.75rem to 1340px
84rem to 1344px
84.25rem to 1348px
84.5rem to 1352px
84.75rem to 1356px
85rem to 1360px
85.25rem to 1364px
85.5rem to 1368px
85.75rem to 1372px
86rem to 1376px
86.25rem to 1380px
86.5rem to 1384px
86.75rem to 1388px
87rem to 1392px
87.25rem to 1396px
87.5rem to 1400px
87.75rem to 1404px
88rem to 1408px
88.25rem to 1412px
88.5rem to 1416px
88.75rem to 1420px
89rem to 1424px
89.25rem to 1428px
89.5rem to 1432px
89.75rem to 1436px
90rem to 1440px
90.25rem to 1444px
90.5rem to 1448px
90.75rem to 1452px
91rem to 1456px
91.25rem to 1460px
91.5rem to 1464px
91.75rem to 1468px
92rem to 1472px
92.25rem to 1476px
92.5rem to 1480px
92.75rem to 1484px
93rem to 1488px
93.25rem to 1492px
93.5rem to 1496px
93.75rem to 1500px
94rem to 1504px
94.25rem to 1508px
94.5rem to 1512px
94.75rem to 1516px
95rem to 1520px
95.25rem to 1524px
95.5rem to 1528px
95.75rem to 1532px
96rem to 1536px
96.25rem to 1540px
96.5rem to 1544px
96.75rem to 1548px
97rem to 1552px
97.25rem to 1556px
97.5rem to 1560px
97.75rem to 1564px
98rem to 1568px
98.25rem to 1572px
98.5rem to 1576px
98.75rem to 1580px
99rem to 1584px
99.25rem to 1588px
99.5rem to 1592px
99.75rem to 1596px
100rem to 1600px

If you want to use live px to rem calculator your can use calculator in above

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Advantages of Using Pixel (px)

  • Precise: Pixels are absolute units of measurement, which means that they have a fixed size. This makes them ideal for precise layout and design.
  • Supported by all browsers: Pixels are supported by all browsers, which ensures that your website will look the same on all devices.
  • Easy to use: Pixels are easy to understand and use, making them a good choice for beginners.

Disadvantages of Using Pixel (px)

  • Not responsive: Pixels are not responsive, which means that your website will not look good on different devices with different screen sizes.
  • Not accessible: Pixels may not be accessible to people with visual impairments who need to increase the font size of their browser.
  • Difficult to maintain: When you change the font size of the root HTML element, you need to update all of the elements that have a font size specified in pixels. This can be difficult to manage on large websites.

Advantages of Using Rems

There are several advantages to using rems instead of pixels:

  • Rems make it easier to create responsive websites.
  • Rems make it easier to create accessible websites.
  • Rems make it easier to maintain CSS code.

Disadvantages of Using Rems

There are a few disadvantages to using rems:

  • Rems can be more difficult to debug than pixels.
  • Rems can be less precise than pixels.
  • Rems are not supported by all browsers.

What is the difference between pixels and rems?

Pixels are absolute units of measurement, meaning that they have a fixed size. Rems are relative units, meaning that their size is determined by the font size of the root HTML element.

Why should I use rems instead of pixels?

Rems offer several advantages over pixels, including the ability to create responsive and accessible websites. They also make it easier to maintain CSS code.

How do I use a px to rem conversion calculator?

To use a px to rem conversion calculator, simply enter the pixel value that you want to convert and the font size of the root HTML element. The calculator will then output the equivalent rem value.

How do you convert pixels to REM?

To convert pixels to REM, divide the number of pixels by the font size of the root HTML element. For example, if the font size of the root HTML element is 16px and you want to convert 10px to REM, you would divide 10 by 16 and get 0.625.

Is 1 rem equal to 16 pixels?

By default, 1 rem is equal to 16 pixels. However, the font size of the root HTML element can be changed, so it is possible for 1 rem to be equal to a different number of pixels.

What is 0.75 rem in pixels?

If the font size of the root HTML element is 16px, then 0.75 rem is equal to 12 pixels.

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Pixels to REM Converters – px to rem conversion


In the world of web development, responsiveness is paramount, and the Px to Rem Conversion Calculator is your secret weapon for achieving it effortlessly. By using relative rem units instead of fixed pixels, you’ll create web designs that adapt seamlessly to the diverse range of devices and screen sizes in use today. The Px to Rem Converter simplifies this process, making it an indispensable tool for any web developer striving for precision, efficiency, and responsive design.

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